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Preschool franchises are India’s favourite business investment, in recent times the number of educational franchises has skyrocketed. If you’re considering expanding your business in this area it is a very intelligible decision. It is a noble profession to start a play school as it gives a sense of satisfaction by imparting education and serving the society at large. Moreover, through this, one gets a lot of respect in the community as well.  Now, you’ll have to research about all the current preschool franchise standards, requirement, ratings etc., basically you’ll need to find the best preschool franchise in India. We’ve done the homework and can surely say Sanfort School franchises are the best preschool franchises in India, but why?


Here is why Sanfort School franchise is the best preschool franchise for you.

  1. Small initial investment.

An investment of approximately Rs. 7-15 Lakh on infrastructure. The investment depends on various factors like city, size and condition of the property, etc. Compared to other franchises this is a pretty small investment.

  1. Assured returns and low risk.

With more than 15 years of experience in running and managing of preschools, Sanfort’s fame speaks for itself, advertising and bringing in students will be no problem at all. Since their reputed name ensures a good number of students, profit and returns are a sure thing, you don’t have to break a sweat.  Investment in the education sector is surely a sensible decision and it will ensure guaranteed return on investment.

  1. Quality.

Sanfort’s qualities stand second to none because their curriculum is designed and developed by a team of highly qualified & experienced educationists from India and abroad. The superior quality of education is a necessity in educational franchises because parents are more aware of the flaws of the previously implemented education systems which solely focused on books and didn’t offer much growth to the students.

  1. Support.

Complete support in the development of new branch such interior & exterior designing, planning, guidance & support for Pre-Launch, Launch & Post-Launch advertising, marketing, promotion, development of PR strategy, guidance for local, regional and national advertisement, audit & up-gradation of the system as per the changing needs. Scheduled visits, personalized attention & support from Sanfort Support Executive will help your franchisee to generate good business. No other educational franchisor will provide such an extensive range of support in your business.

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