How Does Preschool Help Your Child

Every parent knows the importance of what a good education means for their children. How they thrive in a classroom setting can set the tone for how they thrive in a successful career as an adult. You encourage and push your children to get good grades, so that they may be able to further their education by attending, and graduating from, an exceptional college.

But, preschool seems so insignificant compared to college and high school, doesn’t it? Well. Preschool and childcare play a very prominent role in every child’s life., keep reading to know why having your child attend preschool may help them throughout their entire lives:

  1. Brain development is highest during the first four years of life. The brain is forming important neural paths to help develop the child’s ability to perform and function and learn well. Children are able to learn at a rapid rate and want and need to learn new information.
  2. Going hand in hand with brain development is structure. Structure is vital for the young preschooler and the child thrives in a loving, structured environment with stimulating colours, sounds, textures, classroom layout, varying activities and books. The child learns routine and expectations and begins to look forward to the next activity. Their little brains help them process these codes of familiarity and it gives the child a sense of security and belonging.
  3. Social skills are next on the list and they are important to learn at this age rather than waiting until Kindergarten age or later. One of the reasons older children may have difficulty in school is that they never really learned the social skills in preschool. Social skills such as learning how to listen, nice talk, brave talk, taking turns, acceptance of multi-cultural differences, apologies, when to say please and thank you, how to speak in a group, helping each other, learning compassion and empathy.
  4. Academics are now being emphasized more than in past years because there is more research substantiating that a child is able to learn and perform more than what we used to expect. Also, there are more academics in the preschool curriculum now because the schools expect a child entering Kindergarten to know what once used to be taught in kindergarten.
  5. School Readiness. A number of large-scale studies demonstrate that participation in high-quality, centre-based pre-K programs positively influences all children’s kindergarten readiness. Positive impacts include gains in achievement test scores, including early literacy and math skills, as well as improvements in social and emotional development.
  6. The activities at preschool are designed in such a manner that the kid learns a lot of basics while having a lot of fun with his peers. The singing activity introduces children to letters and alphabets; block counting introduces them to numbers; story time introduces them to sentence formation and language skills; and cooking introduces them to basic concepts of mathematics. The child can also get some exposure to biology and geology through nature walks, to colours and shapes through puzzles and finger painting activities.
  7. Children get a lot more opportunities of building their creative minds through various crafty and artistic activities designed by preschool teachers. Children often don’t show their creative self at homes for fear of getting a scolding for the mess it might create. With no such fear at preschool, children should be able to explore the limits of their curious and imaginative minds.
  8. A good preschool would arrange for various activities throughout the day in which the child has to run and climb. Activities like interactive games can improve the child’s physical development and balance. With simple scissor cutting and bead threading tasks, a child’s motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination can develop. Along with physical skills and motor skills, a child’s coordination skills improve significantly with all the group activities at preschool.


These are just a brief description of the ocean of things your kids will learn in preschool, check Sanfort Schools at to give your child the best preschool experience. Through the world of hands-on teaching, exploration, and movement we maintain flexibility for the children and encourage them to independently explore their specific areas of interest.

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