Success Story Of Mr. S.K. Rathor

Sanfort Schools have reached a scale of success in such a short time, which very few organizations have had the privilege of enjoying. This U. K. Concept Preschool Chain is a brain child of husband-wife duo Mr. S. K. Rathor & Mrs. Kavita Rathor. They started their first preschool in 1999 with a bouquet of attraction, concepts and role play models for tiny tots based on the ‘play-way’ methodology or ‘learning by doing’. After more than 10 years of rich experience in the field of preschool education they launched their school brand SANFORT in December 2009 based on the U. K. Concept of preschool education. S. K. Rathor is a visionary who seeks to do his part in reinstating education related professions to its original glory, nowadays the educational industry is being tainted by greed and losing its virtue and he hoped to do his part in changing that.

To aid his vision to provide the best education and help students gain the right footing and attitude towards learning, Mr. S. K. Rathor has done extensive research and has adopted the right teaching approach in Sanfort schools to give students the best education and not just a certificate. Most of the people in the world live regular, typical and if I may add, ‘normal’ lives. Then there comes Entrepreneurs like Mr. S. K. Rathor, who on the onset behaves and sounds different. He ditched professional life for a chance at doing something that may have never succeeded. The cosy ensconces of a Monday-Friday working week are forsaken for a mad all-day, all-year, all-hours working frenzy timetable. His personal life took a big hit, where friends and family were side-lined, for the big picture that is the success of his brainchild, Sanfort school.

Mr. S. K. Rathore kept moving forward against many difficulties when he wanted to set up Sanfort schools the way he envisioned it, but despite all the obstacles he kept moving on with this moto in mind.

WIN or LEARN. I never lose!

I will succeed, not immediately but absolutely and definitely.

I will take action when others hesitate

I will think big when others don’t

I will sacrifice when others won’t

I will dare to dream of greatness when others fear it.

I will outwork my competition DAY and NIGHT.

I am the captain of my fate, the master of my soul

The boss of my dreams, the king of my goals

His efforts payed of plentifully as Sanfort began to grow exponentially as the efforts he sowed started taking root in the hearts of people and shooting up to the skies.

In his words he once said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for something. And you need to stop saying I’m sorry. Sorry for what, asking for what we deserve? Confidence is a choice or better said it is a necessity. Create your own path. Be successful at whatever it is you choose to do. As visionaries we need to lead and by leading we inspire others. Leading means supporting other visionaries in any way that we can. We should all do what we can to see more young people follow their dreams. Here is what I do, I invest in those people who share the same dream as me and make them an asset that both for myself and their own selves. If I invest in ten people who are share the same vision as me then I have just changed the statistics. Now there are ten more people who are working with me for the same goal.”

What we need to do is applaud the efforts of hard working visionaries like Mr. S. K. Rathor as we follow our dreams, we need to help each other figure out how to find the perfect partners, to share our rolodexes, to be champions of each other and be honest about how difficult it is to start an organisation and yet never give up on that sweet dream. Most importantly today we need to meet as many people as we can in this community. Because people with dreams today will grow into leaders tomorrow, and you are leaders in the community and the more you socialise with great minds that have unimaginable dreams driving them forward to success, the more you’ll grow and be closer to achieving success like Mr. S. K. Rathor.

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