Importance of parent’s participation in play school

Education is the foundation for all kinds of development, including educational, mental, physical and spiritual development. Humans have always had the need for social systems since the dawn of civilisation, and these systems keep changing. Now education is not just confined to text books and a classroom. To live in a society, one must surely be educated. Education is the sub system which performs some functions for the whole society. Change is a constant thing. Everything needs to go through change. Our education system too has gone through many changes and maybe it might undergo more changes, too. The requirement and need of every generation is different so change is inevitable.

Many changes have happened in our country in the last few decades, but one change that is most prominent is the involvement of parents in the upbringing of their children. Ongoing research shows that family engagement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores parents’ confidence in their children’s education. Earning higher grades and test scores, having better social skills, and showing improved behaviour are few of the signs that a child is in constant interaction with his/her parents or any supportive caregiver.





Becoming active in a school’s parent group is an important way to increase involvement. Involvement also encompasses:

  • Setting goals with your children.
  • A constant check on the grades of your children.
  • Frequently contacting and maintain a bond between the school and parents.
  • Being a part of the change that is needed whether in infrastructure, the board system, or any such thing which is required for the development of your child.

The most significant type of involvement is what parents do at home. By monitoring, supporting and advocating, parents can be engaged in ways that ensure that their children have every opportunity for success.

If children are in constant communication with their parents, it surely makes a difference in their academic growth and behavioural development. Not only does it benefit the children, but it also benefits the parents. By walking alongside their son or daughter’s education journey, parents are more likely to be sensitive to their child’s emotional and social needs. It creates ties and strengthens bonds with children and can boost your confidence in parenting and any decision-making when it comes to your child’s education.

Even teachers believe that involving parents in the upbringing is a very good way of making the children stronger and bolder. As mentioned earlier, children tend to achieve better grades and tend to be more motivated when parents are involved. There are a couple of reasons for that.

When one gets involved, children start believing their worth. The time when they are praised and appreciated makes them believe that they are capable of doing something good. As we all say that children learn from their parents. When parents do so, they become role model for the children and they would also do the same when they grow up. It also helps children understand that their schooling isn’t just about them.  It’s a collaborative approach between pupils, parents and teachers. Children who have help from their parents are also more likely to feel competent, and school attendance becomes more important to them.

A child also develops mentally when this happens. It encourages communication between children and parents, which can foster higher self-esteem and confidence. It can also help children interact better with their peers and advance their social skills.

The teachers and the parents can together make a difference to the child’s development. It can be breakthrough in the life of the children. Their morals and attitude towards life will change completely. In the early years, parents are their children’s first teachers — exploring nature, reading together, cooking together, and counting together. When a young child begins formal school, the parent’s job is to show him how school can extend the learning you began together at home, and how exciting and meaningful this learning can be. This can make his life a lot better and meaningful. Every child has got worth. Every child can do wonders and create magic in everyone’s life. All one needs to do is to start believing in them and just hold their hand and take them forward and no matter what happens to just be with them.

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